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things to do

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9th September 2015, Wed | 08:52 pm
mood: blahblah

Made cannelloni yesterday!! OM NOM NOM.  Very nice and not difficult or even that time-consuming; don't know why I've put this off years since the last time I cooked it.....

also tidied up more - my parents are bringing a record cabinet/bookshelf from their clearout which will be nice and I've made space - we really have too much stuff though!  Also I guess I am still totally procrastinating, ugh.

played violin and oboe today -- speaking of: Vivaldi, lol, this is supposed to be an oboe piece right? not a violin with a nice rocking-bow flddling technique? do you MIND?  Eh, it's fun!  I shall get there!  This piece.  I've just barely started.

Some problems/lots-to-organise things around and abouts...
The teeny weeny community choir I've been directing for the last year and half is being chucked out of its theatre--or rather, the whole theatre is being chucked out of its building by the landlord.  At really short notice.  I did not know this.  I think we can find somewhere else.  But I've been planning this term..  And also, not to be mean-spirited, but I also think of this and need it as a job.  And I've also been allowed a couple hours before choir in the space to do singing lessons, which again is income that I kiiind of need, and I'm not sure how that will pan out in a new place.  Will probably have to teach in my flat, which I'm fine with--as long as my student can get here okay!  and the timing.  arghhh :(

Also the composition-commissioning/concert-organising little project I'm part of kind of stalled over the summer but we finally met up again and we're basically sorted for starting work on the first concert EXCEPT for the ever so slight matter of funding!!  There's a different guy in department organising that sort of thing than previous years and he's all "oh the old funding's dried up but erm maybe probably? I should know by the end of October?" which is far too late.

Aaaand more the point it's been brought to my attention that it's sept 9th already and I reeeeealllly need to, you know, write some new music?  That and edit this ridiculous string orchestra thing I did earlier in the summer -- listening over it I'm like "UHHHGHHH, THIS NEEDS SO MUCH WORK".  As in, I still, I think, like a lot of the ideas, but I didn't realise just how much more work it needs ;;  Oh well, this is the point of leaving a piece for a month and going back to it, isn't it?  I'm just.  Really not sure how to face starting it again bleehhh.

For the sake of completeness I suppose I should also add that I've been: listening to the wonderful BBC Radio dramatisation of Lord of the Rings (for like the nth time I mean), having real trouble getting up at a reasonable hour, did go for another (short) run today, aaaaaand also playing old shareware games of my childhood on the street imac that is now happily running OS 9.  (I've got After Dark screensavers on it and everything ^^ )

Trying to pick a mood on this and it's really hard!

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