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9th March 2015, Mon | 03:29 pm
mood: indifferentindifferent

I've ... kind of finished drafting the thing??  The trio thing.  Drafting and only, definitely, it's on scrappy bits of paper and sort of typed up and still needing all the expression markings and tempi and whatever I'm doing about the time sigs in the first section.  And probably changing a bunch of the notes, and ideally having talked to the players, if they reply to my email.  And, if course, I'm not sure if especially certain bits are Any Good (but the whole point was, Write Something.)

But still.  I'm kind of.  Surprised at myself.  Heh.  I can move onto the Thursday songs, which I think I totally will be doing, while I write up and stuff.

And I've blocked tumblr all day soo I can't even go on that now I've got a spare few minutes ^^  Off to various choir-y things now.  Haven't really played what I'm teaching this evening so I'll have to do that when I get there.  

It's raining and I'm feeling pretty bla about doing anything.........

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