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If you're interested in things I'm interested in, or if you spot the references in my journal titles and the title of this post, or even if - for some reason - you're interested in the inane entries I sporadically write these days, then please say hello, I'd like to meet new people :)


Tunes from the church

Since Dreamwidth is apparently awesome and allows html5 native audio...

Carol: Veni redemptor gencium (in Middle English and Latin)

chant: Deus creator omnium

These are definitely a bit rough around the edges, but here's us singing Christmas cheer from across the centuries!

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Ewww, there seem to be a lot of allergens around or something!! Eyes all red and nose and throat all etc etc.

Anyway, back in bris after the Edinburgh month which was Good, busy and exhausting but we did loads and as I've been quipping to everyone there was not a lot of off stage drama this year which was great. Also I got to see my girlfriend almost every single day which was veeeery nice.

Now I am... Sort of attacking the to do list tho I seem
I seem to be putting off the actual PhD music composing bit oO Been playing around with Reaktor and computer music some! And doing body balance classes and breathing for Health :) someday I will totally run again but the weather has been every single thing today!

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Ahaha oh dear, I really do feel like I'm winding down for the holidays ... !  But I need to keep getting stuff done ;;

And CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!  Are a thing I need to get moving on ...

riiiise UP

Good things: Haircut!  Parents + brother visiting!  (and installing a new kitchen cupboard, yay~)  Screencaps from the Grunwald episode AHHhh.  (this makes me want to do some sort of lietpol things, but, like, in an undefined way.)

Other things: errghhh there are a bunch of non-uni-work busy things I need to do, some of which kinda snuck up.  Concert series stuff (a lot of it), two choirs' worth of Christmas build-up and first-year assessments in a couple weeks, and all this kinda expands to take up All The Time...  What I really need to get on with, of course, is finishing a decent bit of music and seeing my supervisor (annoying circumstances happened and he had to cancel, but that was nearly month ago; emails back and forth and then he was still busy with stuff and never replied and then I sort of let it drop which I shouldn't, but now of course I feel like I need to have a lot more to present. Aaand I keep getting distracted/finding stuff isn't as quick to write as I want when I do get on to it.  The usual.)

I've been bitten by the Hamilton musical bug, did I say?  Majorly going round in my head!!  Wasn't sure about it at first and now I'm listening to Aaron Burr, Sir / My Shot multiple times on repeat before moving on. 

Bridge valley

Actually got up early (for me!) and went for a run!  Winner!

Alas there are a lot of issues on the concert-organising front (like our second pianist dropping out...) so I'll need to spend some time emailing round and I don't know what.

But I also want to make sure to really get a lot of music done today, so:
  • finish sketching out Brooding oboe movement?
  • actually reopen the strings thing and take a look...
  • should actually practise at least on instrument as I Planned to every day and haven't properly in weeks.
Also, this is rather a long shot, but does anything poetical, or historical with a good (and out-of-copyright) written record that could be, um, sung, spring to mind when you think of Dorset, England??  Haha.  There's a choir competition ('inspired by the people, heritage or landscape of Dorset') and I do want to write something bigger for choir anyway.  I was thinking of Mary Anning the fossil collector, but I can't find much in the way of actual texts.  I mean I'd like the idea of doing something kind of... collage-y, with letters/accounts but still, I need something for a start.  And I think Thomas Hardy and William Barnes may have been done quite a lot...  HMM.

I now have a google doc from the Meeting Notes template that is outlining the chronology of the war which is the background and increasingly the foreground to the fic of how-on-earth-do-I-write-this.  And getting on towards 10 000 words of scribbly notes!?  I need to go back and focus on the start of it, see if it even is remotely the same fic.  And figure what on earth style it should be.  I think I have a sort of ending now, though!  


Welllll, except for the part where I got up at, um, around 11 this morning and kept falling asleep at the piano, today has had several good points.

I really like the new manuscript paper!  and am using it.  (There's nothing particularly strange or exciting about it!  Although, actually, I was surprised by how far apart the staves were and how they're slightly narrower, but actually this seems better.  So, maybe will adapt the spacing for the next round of hetalia manuscript paper if I make it...)

Going to see if I can type up this one part of oboe & piano piece before improv tonight.

I made myself the most epic of grilled cheese for lunch, and caramel hot chocolate.


Back home

 and unngh so jetlagged!  I'd been telling myself 'oh I'll just write off wednesday', whilst at the same time secretly planning and assuming I could get all kinds of things done but yeahh given that I was basically awake most of the night (nice, short flight! I mean, that's sort of why!)... nope :)

The architecture is so different here...!  Back to Bristol and windy hilly streets, rows and rows of brick terraces, or blocks...  Having just come from Connecticut suburbs and all the spaced out painted wooden houses!  (Wood houses are so pretty, we really don't do them here.)  

Anyway.  I had a really nice week.  Very chilled.  Quite a few times sitting with my grandmother or walking around the center and a few pauses where we were probably both thinking "unnghhhh what shall we talk about??" but I hope she realises I really don't mind!  We did talk about the family history and back she met her husband.  (In the war, she was working a "very minor government job" in Washington and he was working as a civilian engineer with the navy--then they got him a nco job or something so he wasn't drafted off somewhere else.  They were married Sept 12 (I think?) 1945...)  So much interesting stuff.  And going back a bit further my goodness everyone had a lot of kids!  Both her parents were one of seven children.  We talked generally, books, religion, politics (!)...  

ALSO, the place she lives -- 'retirement community' I guess it is? basically loads of apartments but there's also a dining room and facilities like that and it is right next to a next level care place -- is really nice I think.  BUT ALSO.  Kind of hilariously high-school-like in some ways.  We went down for pre-dinner drinks to meet her "Friday table" -- the bar guy knows everyone and walked straight over to her with her large Scotch -- and created some minor drama by apparently sitting at a table that had been "reserved" with a glass of water!  This infamous "British lady who gives the British a bad name" walked over and told Grandma and her friend this, and they just looked back "...oh?" and did nothing.  And then explained to me this is a very rude lady so that's why they were not as accommodating... Also you can't reserve tables with glasses of water.  (Also the people it was reserved for didn't show up for ages so I don't feel too bad!!  I was like... we could move... or there is a perfectly good table the other side you could reserve..)  The difference from uh high school is that people will start talking behind people's backs when they're rIGHT THERE.  ......Wow I am making this sound very bitchy!  it mostly isn't!  it's very nice!  but I can see how people would make movies.  All the social drama.  one of Grandma's friends was from The New Building, which, despite being... over five years old? ... is still regarded with some suspicion.

Saw a few good dogs!  including a ridiculously tiny very small silky black dog that lives at reception after someone apparently abandoned it outside :(  

Also saw a lot of my aunt and uncle, and their dog who is very enthusiastic and amazing.  And one day went to NYC with my cousin who lives there and went to the Whitney art museum and then wandered a bit.  (A very small bit according to the map, heh.)

I'm not sure what day it is now -- I was really really sad getting into the car leaving, then I snoozed and that covered it over a bit.   This is a very disjointed entry, of course.  

Films!  I saw on the plane:
  • Mad Max (finally!  it was, indeed, so very good.  after 15 minutes of ??what is going on?? I just got so into it, though I still don't know most people's names.)
  • Inside Out (also! so! good!  I cried.)
  • and I saw that Frozen short.  D'awww.  Nothing bad happened, it was cute.  Elsa being this most super-devoted and loving sister..
  • I also started watching Cinderella, just for fun, on the way out, and finished it on the way back and, eh, actually it was quite lovely.  Also Cinderella/Lily James was really beautiful oh my gosh.  (also!  ahaha, all the sex faces intense expressions when the Prince touched her back or, yep, her feet.  There was a lot of foot stuff in the story so I guess they just went with it ^^)
  • And watched The Age of Adaline!  Which was... in the end kind of surprisingly slight and simple, but I liked it.  (Aaand I cried, but only because of the bit with her dog, dogs getting old and sick is sad.) 

I've all the World in thee

Well, I emailed my supervisor to set up a meeting!  (Aaand he's busy this week and then I'm away so it's looking like the week after, but that's fine.)  And talked to my parents on the phone again and all seems fine there. 

I'm doing a (very quick little) setting for choir of Katherine Phillips To my Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship :)  The words are so delicious!  I mean, the sort of extreme superlatives that normally maybe put me off in love poetry, but ehh I like it here, and I think it'll work really nicely sung :)

For thou art all that I can prize / My Joy, my Life, my Rest /

now to work.